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Waste Bins

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Black Plastic Tuffbin 94Ltr

Material: Polyethylene. Capacity: 94Ltr

£26.39 + VAT

Black Tuffbin Lid

Material: Polyethylene. Compatible with J649

£5.49 + VAT

Curver Waste Bin with Lid

Material: Polypropylene. Capacity: 70Ltr

£19.79 + VAT

Jantex Bin 120Ltr

Material: Plastic. Capacity: 120Ltr

£60.49 + VAT

Jantex Bin 80Ltr

Material: Plastic. Capacity: 80Ltr

£54.99 + VAT

Jantex Bin Dolly 120Ltr

Compatible with L623

£53.89 + VAT